Detail of street art Paris 2018 “Tomorrow” and sculpture of Themis (H. Eklund/PDM)

This project was established in 2016 with the aim of putting forward a research agenda for the new generation of Equality Law in Europe. The project seeks to give researchers and the general public insights, tools and ideas about how to analyse and concretely use contemporary equality law.

What are the legal avenues for making a claim to equal treatment in Europe in the 2000s? Who are the key actors involved in enforcing equal treatment in Europe? What can we learn about the people and collective actors who are driving legal developments in European courts? What will the next generation of equality law look like?

Inspired by these questions, the Equality Law in Europe: A New Generation has recently constructed a comprehensive open access database of CJEU discrimination cases from 1970 – 2018, which is the first of its kind. The database is intended to be a resource that facilitates and inspires research in the field of equality law.

This project is led by Professor Claire Kilpatrick and involves researchers from the European University Institute, as well as other institutions.

We invite you to read about our research projects, recent publications and explore the database!